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HowTo: Powershell – Restart All Lync 2013 Services

If you need to restart all of the Lync services on a Lync Server, you can use powershell to start and stop them all rather than using the Services.msc to do this one by one. Stop all Lync Services: Stop-CsWindowsService Start all Lync Services: Start-CsWindowsService

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Troubleshoot: Lync 2013 – Event Error 21054 Address Book Server error event 21054 is generated once daily for each Lync 2013 pool (3195918) Issue: Lync Server 2013 Address Book Server will generate error event 21054 once every day when performing daily maintenance. The error is also generated every time an administrator runs the Update-csAddressBook cmdlet, even when the update is successful. […]

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