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HowTo: VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 – Enable Round Robin Multipathing/Load Balance 1IOP per Path

Run this command to return all the properties of the mapped LUNS. Use this to get the device name. esxcli storage core path list Configure VMware’s Path Selection Policy to use Round Robin esxcli storage nmp device set –device naa.600c0ff00010d5c79f67da5301000000 –psp VMW_PSP_RR Configure the Path Selection Policy to load balance packets to round robin every […]

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Fix: VMware vSphere ESXi Slow Startup

ESXi may suffer from a slow start-up due to USB Arbitrator service which manages USB pass-through. This service does not support simultaneous USB connections both from USB devices and from USB service console. One of the options to solve this issue is by waiting the host to boot up and disabling USB arbitrator service auto-start […]

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HowTo: Fix VMware Tools Services Failure after Upgrading Linux Kernel

After upgrading the kernel on a Red Hat server, we see the following vmware-tools services fail to start: Checking acpi hot plug [ OK ] Starting VMware Tools services in the virtual machine: Switching to guest configuration: [ OK ] VM communication interface: [FAILED] VM communication interface socket family: [FAILED] Guest operating system daemon: [ […]

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