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HowTo: SCSM 2012 R2 – Delete All Incidents or a specific Incident

1. Download and install SMLets.

2. Open a Power Shell command line and type in the following:

Import-Module smlets

3. Delete all Incidents.

Get-SCSMObject –Class (Get-SCSMClass –Name System.WorkItem.Incident) | Remove–SCSMObject –Force

If the above command does not work, use:

Get-SCSMClassInstance -Class (Get-SCSMClass -Name System.WorkItem.Incident) | Remove-SCSMClassInstance

4. Delete a specific Incident

Get-SCSMObject –Class (Get-SCSMClass –Name System.WorkItem.Incident) | Where-Object {$_.ID -eq "IR10"} | Remove–SCSMObject –Force


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