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HowTo: Cisco Switching – How to create an Etherchannel LACP Port Group

Configure the Ether-channel Load Balancing Method. EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC dresses, IP addresses, or Layer 4 port numbers with a Policy Feature Card 2 (PFC2) and either source mode, destination mode, or both. The mode you select applies to all EtherChannels that you configure on the switch. Use the option that provides the […]

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HowTo: HP Procurve v1910 – Enable the Secret Command Line Mode

Enable the Secret Command Line Mode 1. SSH into the switch.  2. To enable the secret command line commands you have to type the following command: _cmdline-mode on  3. You will get a question. Answer this question with Yes.  4. If you don’t have a password you will get a popup notification on the CLI, […]

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HowTo: Cisco ASA – Troubleshooting Reverse Path Checks Failure (RFP)

Troubleshooting Reverse Path Failures Unicast RPF or Reverse Path is defined in RFC 3704. This RFC stipulates that traffic from known invalid networks should not be accepted on interfaces from which they didn’t originate. The concept idea as seen in RFC 2827 which was to deny traffic on an interface if it is sourced from […]

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