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HowTo: Clear out EMC RecoverPoint Upgrade ISO from the Appliance

Login to the EMC RecoverPoint Appliances as boxmgmt and Run the following signed script on each of the RPA that says an ISO is already present: NzUyZWZhNDAyNTdiYTJhMmMyODgxYjcxN2UxOTVhNjcKdW5saW1pdGVkCm5vdF9yZXN0cmljdGVk ClRoZSBpZCBvZiB0aGUgc2NyaXB0IGlzOjI0NjU4ClJlbW92ZSBJU08gZmlsZXMKQnJpYW4KIyEv YmluL3NoIAojSVNPIFNjcmlwdAojUmVtb3ZlcyBJU08gZmlsZXMKcm0gL2hvbWUva29zL2lzby8q Lmlzbwo= # The ISO has now been removed from the RPA’s and the upgrade can continue.

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