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Technical Reference for Log files in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2

Technical Reference for Log files in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2
Client Operation Files

Log name Description
CAS.log Content Access service. Maintains the local package cache on the client.
Ccm32BitLauncher.log Records actions for starting applications on the client marked as “run as 32bit”.
CcmEval.log Records Configuration Manager client status evaluation activities and details for components that are required by the Configuration Manager client.
CcmEvalTask.log Records the Configuration Manager client status evaluation activities that are initiated by the evaluation scheduled task.
CcmExec.log Records activities of the client and the SMS Agent Host service. This log file also includes information about enabling and disabling wake-up proxy.
CcmMessaging.log Records activities related to communications between the client and management points.
CCMNotificationAgent.log Records activities related to client notification operations.
Ccmperf.log Records activities related to the maintenance and capture of data related to client performance counters.
CcmRestart.log Records client service restart activity.
CCMSDKProvider.log Records activities for the client SDK interfaces.
CertificateMaintenance.log Maintains certificates for Active Directory Domain Services and management points.
CIDownloader.log Records details about configuration item definition downloads.
CITaskMgr.log Records tasks that are initiated for each application and deployment type, such as content download or install or uninstall actions.
ClientAuth.log Records the signing and authentication activity for the client.
ClientIDManagerStartup.log Creates and maintains the client GUID and identifies tasks performed during client registration and assignment.
ClientLocation.log Records tasks that are related to client site assignment.
CMHttpsReadiness.log Records the results of running the Configuration Manager HTTPS Readiness Assessment Tool. This tool checks whethercomputers have a PKI client authentication certificate that can be used for Configuration Manager.
CmRcService.log Records information for the remote control service.
ContentTransferManager.log Schedules the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) or the Server Message Block (SMB) to download or to access packages.
DataTransferService.log Records all BITS communication for policy or package access.
EndpointProtectionAgent Records information about the installation of the Endpoint Protection client and the application of antimalware policy to that client.
execmgr.log Records details about packages and task sequences that run on the client.
ExpressionSolver.log Records details about enhanced detection methods that are used when verbose or debug logging is enabled.
ExternalEventAgent.log Records the history of Endpoint Protection malware detection and events related to client status.
FileBITS.log Records all SMB package access tasks.
FileSystemFile.log Records the activity of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider for software inventory and file collection.
FSPStateMessage.log Records the activity for state messages that are sent to the fallback status point by the client.
InternetProxy.log Records the network proxy configuration and usage activity for the client.
InventoryAgent.log Records activities of hardware inventory, software inventory, and heartbeat discovery actions on the client.
LocationCache.log Records the activity for location cache usage and maintenance for the client.
LocationServices.log Records the client activity for locating management points, software update points, and distribution points.
MaintenanceCoordinator.log Records the activity for general maintenance task activity for the client.
Mifprovider.log Records the activity of the WMI provider for .MIF files.
mtrmgr.log Monitors all software metering processes.
PolicyAgent.log Records requests for policies made by using the Data Transfer service.
PolicyAgentProvider.log Records policy changes.
PolicyEvaluator.log Records details about the evaluation of policies on client computers, including policies from software updates.
PolicyPlatformClient.log Records the process of remediation and compliance for all providers located inĀ %Program Files%\Microsoft Policy Platform, except the file provider.
PolicySdk.log Records activities for policy system SDK interfaces.
Pwrmgmt.log Records information about enabling or disabling and configuring the wake-up proxy client settings.
PwrProvider.log Records the activities of the power management provider (PWRInvProvider) hosted in theWindows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. On all supported versions of Windows, theĀ provider enumerates the current settings on computers during hardware inventory and applies power plan settings.
SCClient_<domain>@<username>_1.log Records the activity in Software Center for the specified user on the client computer.
SCClient_<domain>@<username>_2.log Records the historical activity in Software Center for the specified user on the client computer.
Scheduler.log Records activities of scheduled tasks for all client operations.
SCNotify_<domain>@<username>_1.log Records the activity for notifying users about software for the specified user.
SCNotify_<domain>@<username>_1-<date_time>.log Records the historical information for notifying users about software for the specified user.
setuppolicyevaluator.log Records configuration and inventory policy creation in WMI.
SleepAgent_<domain>@<@SYSTEM_0.log Main log file for wake-up proxy.
smscliui.log Records usage of the Configuration Manager client in Control Panel.
SrcUpdateMgr.log Records activity for installed Windows Installer applications that are updated with current distribution point source locations.
StatusAgent.log Records status messages that are created by the client components.
SWMTRReportGen.log Generates a usage data report that is collected by the metering agent. This data is logged in Mtrmgr.log.
UserAffinity.log Records details about user device affinity.
VirtualApp.log Records information specific to the evaluation of App-V deployment types.
Wedmtrace.log Records operations related to write filters on Windows Embedded clients.
wakeprxy-install.log Records installation information when clients receive the client setting option to enable wake-up proxy.
wakeprxy-uninstall.log Records information about uninstalling wake-up proxy when clients receive the client setting option todisable wake-up proxy, if wake-up proxy was previously enabled.

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