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Troubleshoot: Lync 2013 – Event Error 21054
Address Book Server error event 21054 is generated once daily for each Lync 2013 pool (3195918)

Lync 2013 AddressBook Update Issue 02

Lync Server 2013 Address Book Server will generate error event 21054 once every day when performing daily maintenance. The error is also generated every time an administrator runs the Update-csAddressBook cmdlet, even when the update is successful. However, this error event can safely be ignored when the update is successful.

When you encounter this error event, run the following cmdlet:

Debug-csAddressBookReplication -Poolfqdn

If the cmdlet reports that there are no unindexed or abandoned objects, the error event 21054 can be safely ignored.
Additionally, the Key Health Indicator (KHI) “Address Book Users Correctly Indexed” should be turned off in System Center Operations Manager.

Lync 2013 AddressBook Update Issue 01

Run the following cmdlet:

Debug-csAddressBookReplication -Poolfqdn

And now check again with Debug-csAddressbookRelication cmdlet.

Now there are no Objects not indexed that should be or any Abandoned objects we could safely ignore the error event 20154.

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